Our mission

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are becoming increasingly popular in schools as a way to address global challenges.

Schools4Change is a program that helps educators to incorporate the SDGs into their teaching by providing resources that cover the different objectives of the SDGs.

This helps educators to overcome the limitations of local curricula and develop skills and knowledge for a more international education.

The platform offers educational courses focused on urgent topics such as biodiversity, climate change, and innovation and technology to provide secondary-level schools in each country with a fundamental training package for the future.

With this in mind, Schools4Change aims to offer all participating schools:

A Global Teaching approach

ICT for Quality Education

New teaching methods

21st century skills and competences

Project Objectives

Schools4Change is an international digital community that offers free education to new generations on current affairs, innovation, and technology using innovative teaching methods.

The platform offers thematic modules and guided creative workshops to help students learn specialized content and develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

The project also encourages students to experience learn-by-doing approaches and to produce culturally diverse viewpoints and creative solutions to the problems of the millennium.

All about Schools4Change

Schools4Change offers a selection of specific educational experiences linked to the most sensitive and urgent themes of our millennium, and can be explored in the Courses section. The training goes beyond theory to offer online webinars and creative workshops to inspire real change-makers to actively contribute to generating new solutions for a better world.

Each course offers:




to meet the experts, learn specific key-concepts,
ask questions and solve doubts.


to analyze data and imputs, learn more about topics
and be creative.

Teaching methods

Schools4Change aims to promote, within all participating schools, an approach based on global teaching, ICT for quality education, and new teaching methods.

Global Teaching approach

Global teaching provides free standardized courses for schools to access and disseminate knowledge about current affairs in a fair and clear manner. The challenges of the present time influence the educational needs and methodologies of international schools, which evolve based on emerging topics and available technology.

ICT for Quality Education

Digital technology is a vital tool for quality education, providing fair and sustainable access to digital pedagogy-based resources that cross physical, political, and social boundaries. This technology is used in virtually every country in the world and provides free and unlimited access to high-quality educational resources, allowing future generations to engage as future citizens and workers.

New teaching methods

Innovating educational methodologies allows for the discovery and experimentation of new skills and approaches to school subjects. Student-centered approaches, such as debate, flipped classroom, and media education, actively engage learners in the learning process. Integrated educational approaches utilize digital formats as high-quality learning tools, creating engaging and stimulating educational experiences.

Skills area

The Schools4Change platform also supports students in acquiring cross-cutting skills and knowledge, applicable not only to school curricula, but also to the social and professional contexts with which the younger generation will soon come into contact.

In particular, the courses on the platform help students acquire skills in creative problem solving, design thinking, teamwork and collaboration, and project-based learning.

Creative problem solving & design thinking

Creativity is a vital competence in lifelong learning. Schools4Change courses encourage students to critically explore the world around them and identify the causes and effects of current societal problems.

Teamwork, collaboration & project-based learning

Schools4Change courses involve anayitic and creative workshops, in order to help students learn hard and soft skills, such as analytical and critical thinking, creative problem solving, stress and time management.